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The company

Logic Pharma is a company incorporated in 2014 with the goal of providing services with high standards for healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics. Our team consists of professionals with years of experience in medical, technical, operational and commercial pharma logistics. We know and implement all the particulars and requirements necessary for operations in this market, being aware of the needs and impact on the outcome of each client.


To offer the best import options, storage and distribution in pharma logistics.


To be the logistics operator synonymous of high performance and satisfaction in the services provided.


Excellence – in the planning and execution of tasks and projects.
Responsibility – in processes and for people.



Our management is based on valuing our staff, balancing technical skills and professional development of important values in the conduct of successful projects. The staffs’ preparation is enhanced through the training of leaders and managers, allocating individuals according to their talent and experience, always focusing on the opportunity and finding the most appropriate solution. Our goal is to humanize the processes, understand and meet the needs of each client.

Logic Pharma
Specialized in logistics for the pharmaceutical and medical market